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Brand Launch



Celanese launched a new artificial sweetener called Qorus. I was invited to join the marketing team in bringing the product to life online. Celanese needed to engage customers attending an upcoming annual convention for the food science industry.

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The logo and brand had already been established so this let us focus on how to use those brand elements to create a unique experience. Together we developed a product launch site, an email campaign, and a series of static and animated web banners.


We created a single-page site that animates the Qorus logo, piece by piece, along with brief snippets of content reinforcing brand messaging. The website was the introduction of Qorus to the world. We wanted to fully immerse site visitors in the core thoughts behind the brand.

Toward the bottom of the page, the full Qorus logo is revealed and a brief paragraph fully explains the new product. We created a phased email campaign to get target convention attendees before, during, and after the event. Ad space was purchased on multiple industry websites to further promote the product launch.


The client was all set for a successful product launch. Emails were sent out on time before the show and the website made it super easy to register for information before the event.

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