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LMS Overhaul



Carber is a “World Leader in Hydrostatic Testing and Isolation Technologies”. Their employees take regular online testing and certification to perform these services. Carter had been using a third-party LMS for this training. It was not easy to use or maintain. Carber needed a new LMS that allowed the creation and upload of new, dynamic, and engaging course content.

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I was asked to select and deploy an LMS on a shared hosting platform. The LMS would need a design overhaul to make it cleaner and easier to use. The client also requested the ability to track user activity and download custom reporting.


The interface was to be completely redesigned to focus on the course content and the steps requiring completion in each course. Once deployed and tested, we integrated activity completion monitoring, completion certificates, and
ad-hoc reporting. In a later phase, I was asked to redesign the course modules themselves to make them mobile-accessible. In addition, I recreated and animated technical schematics used as course content.

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Carber employees reported having greater success in completing their training. The client was able to properly administrate course enrollment and content. I have had a great relationship with Carber ever since.

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